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The Unstainable Sustainable Journal

    The Slate Journal

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    Accidents Happen.

    Yes, accidents happen, but we've got you covered.

    Slate Journals are designed with mishaps in mind, our paper, made with stone instead of wood, is waterproof and tear resistant.



    Made A Mistake?

    With the unique stone paper in every Slate Journal, you can easily wipe away spelling errors, even when writing in pen. *



    Better For The Planet.

    Reduce your carbon footprint with every stroke of your pen.

    Slate Stone Journals are created without cutting down a single tree, in-fact, for every Slate Journal purchased, we're planting one.

    Find out more about our Pledge Below.




    One of our key principles at Slate is the protection & preservation of the environment, for this reason for every journal purchased we'll be donating to plant trees around the world!

    1 Journal = 1 tree 

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